Rimici “ONE Source” Cloud Security Operations Center for Muslim Families and Businesse


24x7 Threat Protection and Compliance Reporting

Rimici’s Managed Security Service offers all Muslim family and business members the opportunity to leverage our Security Operations Center which proactively monitors our Cloud and Dedicated Servers around-the- clock and take quick action on legitimate threats that need immediate attention.

This is a cost-effective, reliable solution for members that want to leverage our expert security team to perform security monitoring and alerting on their behalf. This solution also facilitates many customers’ needs for compliance requirements and reporting by performing asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, and threat detection, behavioral monitoring, log management, and file integrity monitoring.

Rimici’s Managed Cloud Security Service offers proactive security breach monitoring to ensure that all servers are secure 24/7. Part of our Managed Services Stack, the Managed Security Service works seamlessly with other Rimici Cloud technology.

Automated system alerts generated only for legitimate security breaches or for security threats that require immediate attention.

Provides real-time compliance reporting for your monitored assets.

Specifications and Recommended Uses

Our Managed Security Service is designed for new and existing Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Family and business members that want around-the- clock server monitoring and alerting for legitimate security breaches without requiring additional configuration, management, and staffing.

This is also a robust solution for customers with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other compliance requirements or that need to perform compliance assessments.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Setup Rimici “ONE Source’ Cloud Security Operations Center sets up the

Around-the- Clock Security Monitoring

Rimici “ONE Source’ Cloud Security Operations Center monitors for breaches and applicable elevated threats against our cloud environment.

Intelligent Alerting We only alert you on events that require your immediate attention.
Vulnerability Assessment Reporting Our service will auto-generate weekly system vulnerability reports based on CVSS-defined standards for determining the criticality of identified vulnerabilities.
Change Management Reporting  We’ll detect, alert, and report both authorized and unauthorized changes to key systems files such as binaries and configuration files.
Real-Time Compliance Reporting We auto-generate PCI and HIPAA compliance reports to assist with customer compliance audits.
Log Management We collect logs and securely store them for your forensic needs.


Rimici “ONE Source’ Secure Cloud Operations Benefits

  • Next-Gen Network Firewall Protection with Unified Threat Management (UTM)
    • Built on the industry's top ranked Unified Threat Management platform
    • Provides stateful packet inspection of your network traffic
    • Discerns legitimate packets for different types of connections
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
    • Safeguards your private WAN from general or targeted attacks
    • Monitors for anomalous data, generating alerts if unauthorized data packets are found
  • Web and Content Filtering
    • Keeps users out of company-prohibited websites
    • Lets you custom-design lists that allow/deny access based on company policies and best-use practices
  • Secure Remote Access*
    • Allows authorized users to access your corporate network from anywhere with 2 factor authentication
    • Provides network authentication, grants access and maintains security privileges for different types of remote connections
  • Off-Net Connectivity*
    • Maintains an off-net (non-IP VPN) connection between a specific location and the Network Firewall
    • Ensures data integrity by encrypting all data stream packets
  • Security Threat Intelligence and Management
    • Offers security services consulting to help you design the right solution
    • Monitors Internet-based data traffic from industry-leading Security Operations Centers, 24x7x365
    • Leverages proprietary, industry-leading security intelligence databases along with an expert team of security threat analysts
    • Optimizes your connections and bandwidth by blocking unwanted traffic, ensuring that your Internet connection is being used for legitimate business purposes
    • Eliminates the need to buy and manage multiple security devices for each business location
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