CCKs For Multi-Vendor in Front and Backend

CCKs For Multi-Vendor in Front and Backend

Get the freedom to better showcase your product using some of best Content Construction Kits (CCKs). Our integrations let you configure pricing options and attributes from within your favorite CCK and also give a nice looking add to Cart button display on the front-end.

Multivendor Support Out Of The Box !

Multivendor Support Out Of The Box !

With this feature you can let all your site users to be sellers or vendors. Using integrations with subscriptions systems you can also choose to only let specific Users get the privilege to be a Vendor in your system.

Tax ConfigurationTax Configuration

Taxation being one of the most important factors while purchasing a product, special attention has been given to this feature to make it up to the mark. Zones can be created to group the countries and regions with similar taxation rules. Taxation profiles can be created to club multiple taxes charged on a product. Making this a perfect taxation feature.


Multi Store Support

Multi Store Support

A seller/vendor can create more than 1 stores on the site. Admin can control the number of stores a seller/vendor can create by setting a limit on them. For instance, the same Vendor can have a Flower Store as well as a Clothing store on your site.

*Note: Multistore works with all CCKs which have a functionality to add from frontend like k2, zoo, JReviews etc. However, there are some functionalities which are only accessible using the native product manager.


Multiple Payment Gateways

Powered with the common payments api and supports all these payment gateways to handle your payment.
-Alpha User Points
-JomSocial Points
-EasySocial Points
-Pay By Check
-Pay By Purchase Order
-Paypal - Adaptive Payment

Multiple Product Attributes

Multiple Product Attributes

Define any number of product attributes with positive/negative price impact. Get greater flexibility in defining products. Eg : Size, Color, Storage Capacity etc.


Shipping Configuration

When it comes to online shopping shipping plays a key role in it. Shipping for both single and multi-vendor modes. Setting up zones is mandatory. Shipping methods can be selected based on the shipping provider. Creating shipping profiles to combine multiple shipping methods making it easier for the store owner keep a track.

Optional Shipping

Don’t need Shipping for your products? Just disable it in the backend! As simple as that :)


The Muslim Family Governance Framework and programs are enabled in our secure Cloud Data Center and Infrastructure Framework


FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX and PCI Compliance


Integrated Risks and Controls Self-Assessment Framework
Strategy, Program, High Value Assets identification and management, Risk Assessment, Remediation, Validation and Reporting


ITIL Service Delivery and Service Support


ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Information Security Operations Center and Security Program


ISO 27002 Domain & Controls Technical Implementations
Approved Security Policies, Standards, Tools, Process and Procedures


Secure Infrastructure Baseline Framework and Management
Next Generation Secure Cloud Storage Architecture Design & Implementation


Secure Cloud Data Center – SSAE16 Compliant


Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Family Governance Operations Engine! (Restricted and Copyright Information)

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