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Syed Rizwan Ashraf

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ 

And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you - when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.

Program Overview:

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Events Management Platform


Events Management Platform

  • Events Setup & Online Ticket Sell
  • Community Events Newsletter Campaign
  • Community Events Online Blog & Newspaper Campaign
  • Promote in Facebook
  • Promote in Twitter
  • SMS Event notification & registration
  • Event Fund Raising Drive Donation Setup
  • Event Crowd Funding Drive Setup
  • Event Social Networking
  • Event Videos, Pictures and Blogs


Muslim Society Events Management Platform

Able Community & International Muslim Chamber of Economy has enabled State wide Muslim Community Events registration, announcement and community events activities in Rimici “ONE Source” cloud platform.

The Events management program allows our community members to view events listing based on zip code/city, select events families wants to participate, register and gets online ticket sell and confirmation.


Current Risk Statement for Muslim Society Events Management Platform :

  1. No Muslim Society Focused Events Management Platform and sustainable quality program
  2. No Single platform for Muslim Society Social, Business, Professional & Family Events
  3. No unified platform for events promotion
  4. No unified platform for events fund raising donation setup
  5. No unified platform for events crowd funding drive
  6. No unified platform for community networking for events
  7. No unified platform for events videos, blogs & social media integration
  8. No established information security policy for security and privacy of data to meet GDPR and California Privacy Law enforcing in 2020
  9. No unified events platform for events newsletter & marketing
  10. No single events platform to promote events for the 21st Muslim Society programs in the International Muslim Chamber of Economy


Your Event Announcement Ads in:

    1. Professional Career Resources
    2. Zakat, Sadaqah & Family Crowd Funding Platform
    3. Hajj, Umrah & Family Travel
    4. Accounting & Financial Resources Platform
    5. Muslim Legal Network
    6. Women Professional Network
    7. Muslim Society Events Management Platform
    8. Marketing & Newsletter Campaign System
    9. Muslimi Fashion
    10. Deals & Discount
    11. Social Media Marketing
    12. Marketing TV & Event Streaming


  • Promote events in 15 California Cities + Adding more cities



Syed Rizwan Ashraf’s Proposed Solution for Muslim Society Events Management Platform :

Key features of the Muslim Community Events Management Program are :

  • Community Event Setup & Online ticket sell
  • Events Registration workflow and payment engine
  • Events Listings & Promotion
  • Highly customizable workflow for each event request and requirements including
  • Frontend User Panel where users can view registration history, edit records, make payments, and cancel registrations
  • Barcode support, unique barcode image generated for each record - See more at:
  • Events Newsletter campaign and Professional quality Islamic Events templates
  • Events Multimedia Resources
  • Event Blogs
  • Event Discussion and Idea Sharing
  • Events Polling & Survey
  • Events user participation and analytics reporting
  • Businesses to promote business discounts, promotions, coupons and business Ads
  • Professional IT Help Desk Support based on ITIL & ITSM best practices


Able Community Events Management Platform allows you to easily create registration pages for free and paid events. An intuitive interface allows you to establish your event's date, time, registration period, capacity and fees as well as confirmation and reception messages.

  • Search for participants by event, event type, participant role, etc.
  • Easily import and export participant data to/from other systems
  • Set up recurring events and activities
  • Allow users to export events as iCal files and configure online calendar applications to "subscribe" to iCal feeds of your public events


Muslim Society Events Management Platform – Detailed Features

provides all needed features to successfully promote, book, manage and monetize any types of events your organization may offer to your customers.

Our Events Management Platform supports powerful event management system, 20+ popular payment gateways, multiple themes and templates. It is easy to setup with all core features built-in in the powerful admin panel: Location, event types, discounts, custom fields, event registration form, tax, email notification and more.

Many tools are provided to help in managing attendees and events such as:

  • Search and view registrant lists
  • CSV Import and Exports of Attendees
  • Automated customized emails (including reminders) at different stages of event cycle
  • Automated SMS alerts at different stages to attendees, moderators and Joomla admins  
  • Barcode support
  • Attendance Check
  • Event capacity alerts
  • Track Paid Attendees status
  • Archive Management
  • Print options for confirmations pages during registration
  • Category assignment including multiple categories and sub-categories
  • event export/import from google calendar


Recurring Events

Create multiple instances of same event

  • Recur events daily, weekly, monthly, and sets of dates.
  • Each child event is an independent event with it's own registrants, registration form, tickets...
  • Update parent event can update information of all children events.


Locations management

  • Easy location creation and management from back-end.
  • Get direction to a location/venue.


Multiple Event types and modules

  • Support multiple event types: event for individual, event for group, event for registered user
  • Modules: Calendar, upcoming events, categories, locations, mini calendar
  • Content plugin, event registration link on article.


Synchronize profile data

Integrate with International Chamber of Economy user profile and our Families, Professionals and Business Networking Platforms

  • Use data stored in user profile to pre-fill registration form automatically if registrants have an existing account.
  • Create a user account.


Discount options

There are multiple options which you can use to give discounts for your registrants to encourage them to register for your events.

  • Coupon codes: Fixed discount amount or by percent.
  • Early bird discount: Offer discount if registrants register before certain date.
  • Members discount: Offer discount if registrants are members on your site (members from different user groups can have different discount amounts).
  • Group registration rates: The more number of registrants, the lower price.
  • Late fee: Charge additional fee if registrants register after certain date.


Custom fee fields

An unique, power feature of Events Management Platform allows you to charge registrants different registration fee base on what they choose/enter on registration form.

  • Single selection (Radio / Single select). Example Adult: 100$, Student 90$, Children 30$.
  • Multiple selections (Checkboxes/Multiple select). Example: Lunch (+100$), WIFI (+10$)
  • Text fee field with fee formula.
  • Multiply value of different custom fee fields to calculate final fee.


Options to register for an event

Different options to register for an event

  • Individual Registration allows you to register for one user.
  • Group Registration allow you to register for several users in a group. With group registration rate setup, admin can give discount for group registration (the more members in group, the more discount).
  • Shopping cart option allows you to register for different events within one checkout.
  • Registrants can access to registration history page to view their registration history and edit information of registration records if needed.


Registration form

Custom, flexible registration form

  • Choose to show/hide, require/not require any fields on registration form.
  • Choose which fields you want to use for each type of registration (individual registration form, group members form, group billing form).
  • Create additional custom fields to collect any information you want from registrants.
  • Each event can have its own, independent set of custom fields.
  • Registration integration option allows registrants to register for a user account while registering for an event.


Powerful custom fields

  • Support 10 different types of custom fields: Birth Date, Textbox, Text area, Dropdown, Multi-Select, Checkbox List, Radiolist, Datetime, Heading (Textual), Message.
  • Conditional custom fields: Show hide a custom field base on selected value of another custom field.
  • Custom fee fields: Total registration fee will be calculated based on what users choose/enter on registration form.
  • Custom field quantity: Limit each option in a custom field (Radio, Checkbox, Select, Multiple select) to a certain number you want.
  • Option to assign custom fields to individual event.


Front-end managements

You can customize your users’ experience with Events Management Platform in many ways. There is a front-end control panel allowing you to grant permissions to users the right to manage Events that are found in the back end control panel. With calendaring functions and mapping location features you empower registrants to integrate the registration experience with their personal needs.

  • Calendar Integration for registrants to Google calendar.
  • Events Management Calendar view and front end searching.
  • Google Maps Integration for locating events.
  • Allow permitted users to Create and Manage Events from the front end.


Coupons & Tax support

  • Create coupon codes to give discount for registrants.
  • Two types of coupon discount supported: By percent or by fixed amount.
  • Coupons can be imported/exported from/to CSV/Excel file.
  • Tax rate can be added for each event to charge tax for registration.
  • Ordering of fee calculation can be set


Deposit payment & Waiting List

  • (Partial payment) Enable deposit payment for an event will allow registrants pay upfront fee (determined by admin) while registering and pay remaining fee later (online payment or manually at the event).
  • Enable waiting list allows users to join waiting list of an event when it is full. Later, if someone cancels the registration, admin can move these waiting lists users into registrants.



An optional add-on extension is available for creating and emailing customized invoices to registrants.


Emails notification

  • Notification emails sent to administrator when someone register for an event or submit event from front-end.
  • Confirmation emails sent to registrants when they register for an event or their registration is approved by admin (in case they use offline payment).
  • Mass Mail to send emails to all registrants of a selected event.
  • Batch Mail to send emails to selected registrant.
  • Reminder emails sent to registrants (automatically by the system) to remind them X-days before the event started.
  • Notification email sent to administrator when registrants cancel his registration.
  • Each event can have it own notification emails and email messages if required.


Manage registrants

  • View registrants list, search for registrant base first name, last name, organization..., filter registrants from a selected event...
  • Add/edit registration records, add more registrants into an existing group registration.
  • Approve offline payment registration (after receiving payment from registrants).
  • Export/Import registrants to/from Excel, CSV file.
  • Sending mass mail to registrants of an event or to selected registrants.
  • Resend email (in case registrants don't receive it for some reasons).


Multiple modules and plugins

  • Up-coming events, mini-calendar, categories, locations, events map, search events module.
  • Plugin to display events (a specific event or events from certain category) on a article.
  • Plugin to display registration form on a article.
  • Search plugin allows searching for events via Joomla standard search.

Newsletter Campaign for the Events


SMS based Events Announcement

SMS is a powerful capability designed to automate SMS messaging with Joomla-based applications and users with smartphones/tablets. Our SMS capability can enable the Events Management Platform to behave like a smart device by sending and receiving SMS messages, but unlike smart devices, it is designed to scale up and support high volume messaging.

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